About Chance

I have been in the gemstone business for the past 2 years, ever since I started helping customers mine their own sapphires at Gem Mountain in Philipsburg, Montana. However, I had an interest in gemstones well before washing my first screen of gravel in Montana.

I am a fourth generation rock hound, and have always picked up random minerals and rocks on my hikes across Arizona, Wyoming, and Montana.
Gemstones and Gemology are the driving factor in my life today and I love to teach people about where to go to find certain gems or minerals, and what makes those stones unique.

I am currently based out of Bozeman, Montana with hopes of finding new and gorgeous gemstones.

Our Goals

My goal is to deliver quality product, at a decent price to people who are interested in gemstones like I am, or those who appreciate their beauty and are looking at using them for personal jewelry or collectors items.

I want to add a personal touch to every sale and make sure that everyone leaves our deals feeling satisfied and refreshed.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact me whenever you’d like and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

[email protected]